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Audrey Newton

Opening 05.09.18 6-8pm
Artist Talks 27.09.18 6-7pm

4Eva is a sculptural installation which draws attention to the gendered materialities and the risks taken that have been present in sculptural histories, particularly in the work of American artist, Eva Hesse. Hesse’s works were a sensual retort against the male dominated Minimalist movement of the 1960’s and 70’s. Using materials that included plastics, fibreglass, latex and resin, it was speculated that these may have led to a rapid disintegration in her health. Hesse died of a brain tumour at the age of 34. 

4Eva addresses these materials furtive identities through their formal manipulations. These furtive identities lie in the risk that was taken by Hesse and how they plagued the artist to keep working with the materials even through being aware of the risks. The risks that lay in choosing to work with ephemeral, flesh-like materials during a time where the dialogue between artist and sculpture was about removing the artist’s hand to ultimately produce a hard-edged, long-lasting finished product. Through material investigations of Hesse’s work, I also examine the polarising nature of each material - their hard or soft identities, their lustre or dullness and their durability or decay.

This is an ode to Eva Hesse's feminine resilience even through knowing the risk of death and impermanence- her own and her works.


Audrey Newton is an interdisciplinary artist working within drawing, sculpture and installation.  Her practice focuses on the peculiarities of space and how space then informs the manifestation of materials. She seeks to understand the agency of the materials she uses by engaging with the material’s inherent desires, in order to create a “dialogue” with other materials and the space they disrupt. These formal and furtive identities of material and space play an important role in how she dissects the varied mechanisms of imagination and consciousness. 

Audrey Newton is a Western Sydney based artist who has recently completed a Master of Fine Arts from Sydney College of the Arts. She has graduated from Western Sydney University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours (2009) and a Master of Teaching-Secondary (2010).