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a monumental echo

a monumental echo

Lisa Sammut

Opening 05.09.18 6-8pm
Artist Talks 27.09.18 6-7pm

a monumental echo is an installation of monuments and props within an animated primordial sea of stone. As a series of gnomonic constructions, the works attempt to communicate with the otherworld, offering access points for mental transportation. We are earthbound, but through the material of this place, the rhythms, the tides, the evidence of time eroded and energies that shuffle the geologic, we don’t have to be. Earth provides the elements that can transport us into the galactic distance. Temporality and similitude offer an opening for sensual exchange, moving together, mirrors and echoes, a reciprocity between living and non-living beings. In time, we can travel out into the molten cosmic ocean. The seismic universe is also a uniting force, as a collective we are effected by its elemental architecture, its flows and shifts, its bursts and fizzles. A celestial hierarchy in which we are intimately connected. a monumental echo considers the human desire to locate existence within a higher framework, bringing human sentiment and cosmic forces into a comprehensible relationship. 


Lisa Sammut is an artist based in Sydney. She explores cosmic-oriented philosophies of being and belonging through material production including kinetic and prop-like woodwork sculpture, video art and immersive model-based installation. With a focus on the nonhuman, her practice is interested in re-examining anthropocentric thought.

She has exhibited nationally, with recent solo and group exhibitions at Artbank, Bus Projects, Darren Knight Gallery, Firstdraft, Moana Project Space, QUT Art Museum, Verge Gallery and Visual Bulk. In 2017, she received a Sainsbury Sculpture Grant to collect research material in southern Italy’s active volcanic region and undertake an intensive woodcarving course at the Geisler-Moroder Schnitz und Bildhauerschule in Tirol, Austria reflecting a developing interest in wood and timber as a conceptual and material dynamic. Lisa is currently completing her MFA by Research at UNSW Art & Design and is a resident artist at Parramatta Artist Studios.

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