Lūpa partners with Firstdraft to support 2019 artists.

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Firstdraft is pleased to be partnering with Lūpa in 2019. Lūpa is the ultimate video player for people needing a simple but powerful solution to video playback and syncing for video artworks for museums and galleries. The media player will be provided for free to artists in Firstdraft's 2019 program.

Lūpa was created by Dara Gill, an ex-director of Firstdraft from 2010 to 2012. Dara’s experience working in spaces like Firstdraft gave him the insights to create a media player perfect for artists working with video;

“I’m so grateful for my time at Firstdraft and the opportunities it gave me as an emerging artist and director. Experience is cumulative and without Firstdraft I don’t think I would have created Lūpa many years later. When I was finishing up Lūpa in 2018, I naturally approached Firstdraft to sponsor shows which became the first shows to use Lūpa. I’m pleased to be formalising this partnership in 2019 and continuing to support Firstdaft’s important work with emerging and experimental artists.”

Lūpa will be used throughout 2019 including Gentle Aesthetics an upcoming group show curated by Nikita Holcombe with Linda Sok, Stella Chen, Carmen Glynn-Braun, Dennis Golding and Keira Weingart.

About Lūpa

Lūpa is easy to use, and was designed for people with no experience installing video art. There are two modes to Lūpa, Loop and Sync: simply load your video file onto a USB stick and plug it in to the port corresponding with the playback mode you require. 

In Loop mode, Lūpa finds your video file on the USB inserted in the loop port and plays it continuously until the unit is switched off. When the USB is inserted into the sync port, Lūpa will automatically find other players connected via the network cable and play back the video in sync with the other players. Its that simple!

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Image: Lisa Sammut, a monumental echo, 2018, Firstdraft, Sydney, Photo Zan Wimberley
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